Frequently asked questions

How can I have my own design 3D printed?

Feel free to send us your design idea or 3D file via email at xposed.lab@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap with more info!

How can I submit a photo?

Send a photo or more to xposed.lab@gmail.com and also tell us how you wish your photo to be printed.

Are there any rules I have to follow before submitting a 3D file?

The file should be in .obj or .stl format, if your 3D model is not ready to be printed we can fix it for you! Feel free to send an email to xposed.lab@gmail.com attaching the file or requesting more informations.

Can I develop a film at Xposed?

Of course you can! Let us know if your film is color or black and white and we will confirm with you know how long it will take us to develop it, depending on the demand.

How can I hand in my film for developing?

We are working on a drop off box, in the meantime, feel free to ship it to our address or come by during opening times and drop it off at our studio.